ACNH items: Guide to playing New Horizons

Guide to playing New Horizons

The pandemic has created havoc the world over, causing people to work from indoors and children to study from the confinements of their house. But this has been a boon for some industries especially online gaming. One such game that has become a household name is ‘Animal Crossing New Horizons’. With some valuable tips from the experts, you can get to know about the game and to derive maximum entertainment. While you stay at the island, you may get the opportunity to assist real animals.

Is it vegan to fish in Animal Crossing game?

The truth is fishing is not vegan! Also, you should avoid fishing in real life as well in the game. Fish here do not feel the pain. However, fishing can be harmful to both the planet and animals. Your job is to protect your island. Removing them from their ocean homes just to make donations to ‘Blathers’ to be kept on museum exhibits can be a cruel plan. Also, it will destroy the environment. You can however, choose to buy Animal crossing items as desired. 

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Anglers tend to leave behind a trail involving tackle victims in real world scenario. It includes dolphins, turtles, birds and other animals in millions. On swallowing the fishhooks, they sustain from debilitating injuries. Hence, entangling them in fishing lines is not a wise idea. According to wildlife rehabilitators, discarding fishing tackle is considered to be a great threat to all aquatic animals. Ensure your island is safe from such problems. 

Villagers belonging to different species like pigs, deer, ducks and elephants coexist together harmoniously with humans. Rather than getting recognised as mere living, feeling and breathing individuals, they are presented as entertainment forms to other villages. Make sure that your island is completely safe for small and big animals. Logging onto portals like can help you to enjoy this game. 

Can I catch bugs in this game?

The island can be termed to be a busy place for different types of animals and insects, ranging from wharf roaches to butterflies. It should be maintained this way. Blathers may prefer to construct a museum consisting of insects and fish on the island. Prevent him from doing so. 

Remember insects are not created to be kept inside cramped cases in the museum as fishes are not to be kept in tanks. Rather, it is important to have an island where you should allow wild animals to roam about freely without getting captured or exploited in any manner. But animals in today’s real world tend to suffer in captivity at zoos and other places. They are rather deprived of everything important and natural. This game offers you the choice to allow animals to life freely on your island without any harm. 

What vegans can eat at the desert island?

In this game, vegans are permitted to eat fruits of different types to be strong mentally and physically. Eating fruits allows you to shatter rocks as well as derive additional resources and bells from them. You can select ACNH items at reputed portals.

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