Best 144hz Monitor Under 300

Best 144hz Monitor Under 300

Acer Nitro XF243Y Pbmiiprx

The most affordable gaming monitor for less than $300 and with a 1080p resolution We’ve evaluated Acer Nitro XF243YPbmiiprx. It’s an outstanding gaming monitor that is comparable to higher-end options. It’s reasonably well-built and features great ergonomics that allow you to set the display however you’d like. It’s got broad viewing angles, and offers good clarity in bright surroundings. Although the screen’s size may not be the best immersive but it can make the pixel density more dense that results in clearer texts and images.

It’s packed with features the majority of people would expect to see on a gaming monitor. This monitor’s native rate is 144Hz. is able to be increased up to 165Hz and it comes with the native FreeSync Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) support as well as G-SYNC compatibility. The speed of response is amazing, regardless of whether you’re playing at the highest speed or at 60Hz, which results in very little motion blur. It also has the feature of black frame insertion but it is able to flicker in a limited frequency range, and isn’t used when VRR is turned on.

It’s not the best option for gaming in dark rooms due to its low contrast ratio, which renders blacks grey. In addition while it can support HDR however, it isn’t able to display the full spectrum of colors and isn’t equipped with local dimming. However, it is one of the top gaming monitors for under $300 we’ve tested.


If you’re looking for a display that has a higher refresh rate, you can check out the ASUS TUF Gaming VG259QM. Its 25-inch screen is only a little larger over the Acer NitroXF243Y Pbmiiprx and also comes with the same resolution of 1080p. It is however possible to increase the native refresh rate from 240Hz to 280Hz to provide a smoother and more responsive gaming. In addition, the black frame insertion feature can be available while VRR is in use to improve the motion clarity. However, it does have one drawback: its input lag is significantly greater at 60Hz, meaning it’s not the best choice for console gaming at 60 frames per second.

Overall all, the Acer as well as the ASUS are great gaming monitors. The Acer is more affordable as well its refresh speed of 165Hz will suffice for most players who are casual. If you’re looking for an Acer monitor that has a higher rate of refresh for greater responsiveness and you do not mind paying more, you should consider the ASUS.

Best 1440p Gaming Monitor Under $300: Gigabyte M27Q

The most powerful gaming monitor for less than $300 we’ve tested using 1440 p resolution is Gigabyte M27Q. It’s a 27 ” screen that offers a remarkably comfortable gaming experience. It features 170Hz of refresh and a remarkable response speed that results in an extremely clear image, with virtually no blur trails behind moving objects. The 60Hz response time is also exceptional which makes it a great option for console gaming at 60 frames per second. It is compatible with FreeSync in its native form and can be used with G-SYNC , which helps reduce screen tear.

It comes with a variety of characteristics aside from its impressive gaming performance. It features an IPS panel that has large viewing angles that make sharing content or playing cooperative games much easier. Additionally, it can be bright enough to block the glare. It is a large range of colors and has nearly full Adobe RGB coverage, making it ideal for creating content. It can support HDR however, as do most IPS displays, the poor contrast makes blacks appear dull in darkness and the HDR brightness is only moderate however not enough for the full HDR experience.

Two USB 3.0 ports and the USB-C which allows DisplayPort Alt Mode, which allows you to display images on a compatible device and simultaneously charge it. However, the power output is very low and just enough to charge small devices such as smartphones. It also has a Picture-inPicture mode and an integrated KVM switch and an blue light filter to assist in reducing eye strain. Overall, it’s an excellent choice for those who is on a budget.

Dell S2722DGM

If you play a lot in dark rooms it is recommended to look into a monitor with an VA panel like Dell’s S2722DGM. Similar to the Gigabyte M27Q it also comes with 27 inches of screen size with a resolution of 1440 px however, it produces deep blacks because of the high brightness ratio. However, its viewing angles are smaller which means that the image appears like it’s washed out when you view it by the sides, which makes it unsuitable to share the screen another person. Its response speed is outstanding but, as is typical of VA screens, you could be able to see dark spots splattered over moving objects. It’s unfortunate that it doesn’t include any USB ports, or HDR support.

In the end, the Gigabyte is an ideal choice since it is more responsive to motion and other features. If you are looking for performance in dark rooms that is important for you, the Dell is a great choice.

Dell S2721QS

The most powerful 4K gaming monitor for under $300 we’ve tried was the Dell S2721QS. While it’s intended for work but it’s also good enough for casual gaming in the background. In addition, its 27-inch screen and 4K resolution make it ideal for thrilling games such as RPGs. The stand offers an ample amount of adjustment which makes it simple to set the screen in an ideal position and allow it to be shared with others. The screen has large viewing angles and is sufficiently bright to offer excellent visibility in bright settings.

There is a limit on the refresh rates to 60Hz however it shouldn’t pose a problem for most gamers since 4k gaming can be very demanding, even on the latest hardware. It has a decent response time, and it supports VRR, which helps reduce the screen’s tear. The input lag is extremely minimal, which is what you would expect from 60Hz monitors and remains so regardless of VRR as well as HDR enabled. In terms of it’s HDR game experience, the monitor is fine. It offers a wide range of colors, but it has an unsatisfactory contrast ratio, with no local dimming that can increase the black quality as well as it isn’t sufficient bright to highlight highlights.

Unfortunately, there are no USB ports, but you do get built-in speakers and a Picture-in-Picture/Picture-by-Picture mode. The backlight does not flicker to assist with eye strain. Color accuracy is a bit off in the initial setup and you’ll require calibration when you plan to use it to create content. Overall, even though it’s not the most feature-rich, and costs barely over $300, it’s one of the top 4k monitors we’ve seen and is worth spending a bit more money for.

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Our suggestions are based on our opinion of the top gaming monitors that cost less than $300 available at the moment. They’ve been redesigned to work for the majority of gamers. The rating is based on our review, which takes into account the price as well as feedback from our readers.

If you prefer to take your own decisions Here is a listing of all our reviews of monitors, sorted by price , from low to high. Be cautious not to get caught in the finer specifics. Most monitors are sufficient to please the majority of people. The issues we criticize monitors for are usually not apparent unless you look really hard for them.

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