Best Tips for Flawless Foundation | BeautyFlex UK

Best Tips for Flawless Foundation | BeautyFlex UK

Makeup is one those magical gifts that ladies have that can enhance the beauty and make you gorgeous. Looking more attractive and younger is the main goal behind makeup, but this goal is unfinished without applying a perfect foundation that would give our makeup a skin-like finish. 

Foundation is an essential part of the makeup. And its primary purpose is to give the skin a uniform tone and complexion. There are a lot of foundations available in the market, but you can find the best fit for your skin at the afro hair and beauty store BeautyFlex UK.

How to Apply Foundation 

A flawless makeup can is achieved by applying the foundation properly to the skin. Just like directly painting the car is not possible with foundation to the metal. Similarly, directly applying makeup will result in skin texture being exposed.

Prepare Your Skin

One of the first steps I take to make my foundation look flawless is to spend a couple of initial minutes preparing my skin. 

The first step that I follow in preparing the skin is exfoliation. A little use of exfoliating is best for preparing the skin. Exfoliation removes all dead skin cells in smoothing. After exfoliation, you would be left behind with smoother skin that can help the makeup to sit on easily.

The second step of skin preparation compromises hydrating it. Hydrating the skin is done to ensure that your skin isn’t dry at any end. A nice layer of hydrator can help the foundation to last longer. You can hydrate your skin by using different essence and serums.

Using a Primer

The critical point to look for in a primer is that it should be as thin as possible to spread quickly. If your skin type is dry and it suffers from dehydration, then you should go for applying a primer. Primers can help smooth out the fine lines of the forehead and uniform out your chin too. Unfortunately, primers also add up blur and fill out pores.

If you intend to have a radiant, glowing skin finish, you should go for a premier. Using a primer before the foundation can minimize foundation use and reduce cakiness. Primers are available in various shades. You can choose one that best suits your skin tone. 

Blending Neck and Chest Region

Most of us don’t have a monotone of a face concerning the neck and chest. If yours is monotone, you can skip this part or keep going. The best way to start blending the neck and chest is to first apply a moisturizer to the neck and chest. This would give a glamorous look to the neck and chest without applying makeup. Regardless of the skin type, use a fragrance-free moisturizer that is also inert to your skin. If you mostly stay outdoors, look for a moisturizer under SPF 50 to protect your neck and chest region from sun UVs.

Applying Foundation

One of the frequently asked questions regarding foundation is how to apply foundation professionally? The whole game of using a flawless foundation lies in two steps one is dubbing, the other one is blending. If you do these two steps carefully, your foundation will settle down flawlessly.

I start with applying the foundation to the centers for a natural look. Then, by blending it outwards, I spread it on my face. This ensures proper fading out at the edges. Moreover, it is also best to start with a small amount of foundation to cover the skin in the form of thin layers. Then, if you find that it is less at some points, you can dub it on again and blend again. 

The most significant hurdle people face in achieving a flawless foundation is uniforming the facial curves, which include the region near the nose and eyes. Usually, I had seen that the foundation starts to peel and renege in these regions. So apply foundation sparingly to these regions and gently spritz it with a setting powder or spar to keep it all intact.

Foundation Setting 

If you are among those whose foundation doesn’t last long, it feels off the skin and makes you think itching with a bit of dryness. Then, I would recommend you use a setting spray over your foundation. These sprays not only give a monotone to your foundation and skin but also keep your foundation hydrated and make it last longer. In addition, they do hold the foundation correctly and give a glowing finish.

How to choose a Foundation for yourself

Since various foundations are available in the market, it becomes challenging to choose one for yourself. But it would help if you always kept in mind your skin type and the skin tone you want before selecting any foundation. So here I would advise you to visit an afro hair and beauty store where you can get to choose the perfect match for your skin from a wide variety.

Choosing a Foundation Brush

The best way to apply foundation is by the use of a clean and fluffy brush that can be used to polish off the foundation after getting done blending. Soft buffing brushes ensure that the whole foundation is applied without any removal or damage to the foundation. Moreover, flat brushes are recommended for those who want complete foundation coverage over the face. In addition, oval brushes are recommended for a matte finish. Finally, spongy collectors are recommended for glowy skins.

Final Words

A flawless foundation is a key to glowing looks. So many ladies dream of a perfect excellent foundation, which could be easily attained if we follow some simple steps like those mentioned above. Want to hear more from us? You can follow us at the afro hair and beauty store.

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