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The meta title and meta description is the first thing the user sees in the SERPs, these two elements work like a short advertisement for your product, service or blog page.

That means optimizing these elements is essential if you are going to start an SEO campaign. It gives extra value to your website and information for visitors.

Create the perfect meta tags for your webshop

Well-optimized meta descriptions of an eCommerce website look a bit like this in UK search engines.

Meta tag description in search engines

This one:

SEO for product pages

Or this one:

SEO for product pages

Create the perfect meta title

Follow the instructions below to create a perfect meta title.

Make the titles 50-60 characters long. Google will cut the titles if they get too long.

The title should clearly describe what the page is about.

Place the most important keywords closer to the beginning of the title and your brand, URL or store name at the end.

Use exact match keywords. The United Kingdom search engines read searches exactly as they are written, meaning that a specific title has more chances of getting a click (e.g. a “green V-shape H&M;” t-shirt,” rather than (“green t-shirt”).

Mention special offers, discounts, specials, free shipping, etc. This makes the title more attractive and entices the visitors to click on it.

Avoid duplication! Each product, category, or page should have their own unique metadata.

Take call-to-action words that reinforce the purchase intent: “buy”, “sale”, “delivered tomorrow”.

Optimization for meta tags in Magento 2

Like Magento 1, Magento 2 allows you to make custom meta values ​​unique for each product. Select a product, go to Basic Settings -> Search Engine Optimization and enter the meta tags for the product or page.

Optimization for meta tags in Magento2

In the same way, it is also possible to add meta tags for each category or page that is on the webshop.

Optimization for meta tags in Magento2

If you have hundreds or thousands of pages it’s a good idea to add meta tags manually. You can also use the built-in Magento 2 feature for product fields Auto-Generation.

This is what the settings look like in the backend and social media.

Magento2 backend

The metadata is much more than a simple description. It is a powerful tool for SEO experts and driving online traffic.

Do you have a Magento website yourself and don’t know how to optimize it? Contact SEOCalling and we will get started right away.

A good meta description gives more clicks.

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By Cary Grant

Cary Grant is the Owner of Answer Diary, also one of the best content writers in multiple niches. Most of the articles on this site are written by him, also taking care of different responsibilities like advertisement related queries, planning to arrange funds to take Answer Diary to next level. He is also the Owner of "Level Zero Perfection" LZP, the most powerful company on a mission to create general and pure niche sites at the highest levels. Daniel Lincoln is also a partner of Cary Grant in this business, special owner of "First News Wallet"

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