How Does the Supervisor Elevate the Level of Your Dissertation?

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A dissertation is the most important part of your degree. Students struggle to keep a balance of all the activities during college times. They have to prepare for exams, work on presentations, make projects and then its report, complete assignments, and also submit dissertations. At this point comes the support and guidance of a dissertation supervisor or guide. In some colleges, a minimum number of hours has to be completed for gaining the required credits for a dissertation before graduation. You can stream through all the hassles of dissertations if you have a good guide. Let look into this guest post to find more about a good guide or supervisor for your dissertation.

Who Is A Dissertation Supervisor or Guide?

The dissertation supervisor is the one who provides regular guidance and support to the student undertaking dissertation. The student and supervisor work in close partnership with each other and the supervisor assists the student in defining the topic of the dissertation, designing the layout of work done for the dissertation, and then the implementation of the same. The relationship with the supervisor is based on clear communication, mutual respect, and agreed expectation. Supervisor also provides step-by-step guidance and support in the face of deadlines. But in the final stages of dissertation completion students can take help from Dissertation Editors, BookMyEssay.

The supervisor is a senior member of the University faculty team. He supports the students through thicks and thins of the dissertation. They guide the students to present their results to the best of their abilities. Additionally, if the supervisor is overloaded or there is a little overlap between the topic of student and specialization of guide, then the students are left to wander. Thus, students can ask BookMyEssay for Dissertation Sample Writing Help. BookMyEssay assists at a pocket-friendly price that is well researched and on time.

Working with a supervisor helps you learn about the specific aspects of research methodology. The student also gets guidance on tasks related to constructing questionnaires. A supervisor makes pieces of advice and comments at every sub-draft of the dissertation. He/she will generally give a timetable to the student, when it can meet them, clear doubts, ask for suggestions, ask for inputs in experiments, etc. The student should take full advantage of the time.

Role of Dissertation Supervisor

  • They help in choosing the topic for the dissertation
  • Advice of books, research papers to refer
  • Help to formulate ideas and paths to take while addressing the topic
  • Discuss progress every fortnightly or on a monthly basis
  • Provide guidance on writing methodology, use of diagrams, tables, graphs, bar charts, etc.
  • Offer guidance on presentations like title, no. of slides, how to write, diagrams and graphs to include, footnotes, endnotes, bibliography, etc.
  • Give feedback on the sub-topics of the dissertation, so you can revise your work.

Communicating with the Dissertation Supervisor

The collaboration with the supervisor is long-term, it may be 6 months or a year depending upon the credit requirement of the degree. Putting your effort to build a rapport with the supervisor will help you make working with the supervisor enjoyable and pleasant. This healthy build-up will keep your spirits high and will motivate you to do your dissertation right through the end. Be polite and considerate with the supervisor. Don’t try to be too familiar. It is better to err at a formal side until you have met him/her a few times. Be polite and positive towards your communication with your supervisor. Always remember politeness goes a long way.

Dissertation Editors

Even if the dissertation is not going the right way, don’t moan or whine. Supervisors are always keen to help but they can only help when you clearly describe your problems and worries with them. Hence, analyze clearly what all is not working and what type of assistance require from him/her, before the next date of meeting the supervisor and discuss with him/her in detail to calm your worries. But if you are unable to get in touch with your supervisor, you can contact Dissertation Editors, BookMyEssay to get a grip on your dissertation. They can help you with even small pieces of your dissertation so that you complete the missing links.

Ask Sensible Questions From Your Supervisor

Though there is nothing called stupid questions still you need to frame the questions in such a way so that they should not look unnecessary. It is always appropriate to discuss your questions with the supervisor than to wander around. The questions should not be irritating or exasperating they only serve to wind up your supervisor and give you a poor image.

What Not To Expect From the Supervisor;

  • That the supervisor will correct minor mistakes like grammar or spelling mistakes
  • That supervisor will guide you through the dissertation, don’t expect them to dictate minor details as to how you should carry out the research
  • That you need to coordinate your meetings with the guide and not the other way round

Bottom Line

Following your supervisor’s comment will help you improve your dissertation. You can expect an increase in your grades by 5-10 % if you take the feedback positively. Your supervisor is only there to give specific and useful commentary on your writing and ideas. They will not work for you. Other than guidance from a supervisor, BookMyEssay, dissertation editors, also help in completing the dissertation. They provide you with Dissertation Sample Writing Help at affordable prices to get you good grades.

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