Your ultimate guide to clean medical dental loupes!

Medical dental loupes enable you to enter the world of magnification. The brilliant stereoscopic imagery combines high-quality optics with a sophisticated design. Precision optics assure clear visualization of anatomical micro-structures, thus enhancing treatment outcomes.

At the cutting-edge of magnification technology, the dental loupes offer practitioners the perfect apparatus to accompany both surgical procedures and general use.

Your loupes are precise optical tools, and most have special anti-reflective coatings on the optics to improve the experience.

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Why clean Medical Dental loupes ?

Cleaning and disinfection of loupes are crucial to keeping yourself protected and your patients prudent from viruses and other health difficulties. Amidst the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus worldwide, the significance of cleaning and sanitization has grown more important.

Apart from dust and grease the dental loupes may collect junk from the surrounding, for example, small particles of metal or tooth structure which may scrape the lenses if not cleaned. As Loupes are one of the crucial pieces of tools employed by dentists while dealing with patients, they should be sterile and disinfected repeatedly.

 Cleaning and disinfection must therefore be performed with satisfactory care to ensure the longevity of your loupes. The following Dos and Don’ts  are recommended for cleaning loupes, although we recommend you follow the user guide from your loupes manufacturer:

1. Use a can of compressed air to remove gross debris and dirt

It is important to use a can of compressed air to eradicate the dirt and grease collected all around the loupes. Always, try to use a can that makes it easier to remove the dirt from your medical dental loupes.

2. To clean the optics, use only a lens cleaner with a microfibre cloth

You can remove grease or dust from water lavage or spray a few droplets of water. After rinsing, make sure to dab the loupes and microscopic barrels softly with a microfiber lens cloth. Besides, make sure you cover the optical loupe with a lens cap when not in use.

Therefore, Gently clean the frame and glasses using a disinfectant wipe, and dry with a microfiber cloth.

3. Keep Dentist Headlight Clean

To clean dental loupes with a headlight, initially, turn off the torch to let it cool down. Then wet the cloth with the solution suggested by the manufacturer and wipe the glass reflector.

Avoid the following when cleaning medical dental loupes

1. Do not immerse the loupes in liquid

Never immerse the loupes inside the water or any cleaning solution and never put them under running water or any cleanser. It is because the glues used in making the loupe may loosen up.

2. Do not use an autoclave, chemical ve, glutaraldehyde, iodophor or any other sterilisation method

Using ultrasonic, vapour, chemical or gamma radiation to sterilize the loupe may be bad as layering used in oculars will get affected to a great extent. Besides, the oculars holding up the lenses may also soften.

3. Do not use cotton wool on the optics – it can scratch them

Stop using a cotton wool cloth to rinse the lenses. Generally, people tend to use any fabric to clean, which is incorrect. A cotton wool cloth or any fabric has small particles clasped on them that can lead to scrapes. Thus invariably use a microfiber cloth to clean the lenses to avoid scrape. The scratches on your lens not only diminish the view quality but also negatively influence your eye a long way.

In Summary

Rinsing the Medical dental loupes from time to time and using the proper method and material to clean can enhance the shelf life. It also facilitates the user to have a clear vision while performing the medication.

We provide the best medical dental loupes using high-grade material and the latest technology for reliability and stability.

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