How To Create Captivating Video Thumbnails?

Captivating Video Thumbnails

Videos have become a popular marketing tool for businesses and organisations all around the world. Video marketing is the new normal marketing trend as it has helped grow more sales for businesses all around the world.

Video marketing is the processes of marketing in which videos are used to market for increasing brand awareness among people and potential customers.

A research has proven that people spend one third of their daily time watching videos on social media and search engine platforms. Video ads are very popular on the social media platform, it helps educate audience and get better reach.

Many social media platforms and search engines support paid video marketing through marketing campaigns. YouTube & Facebook is are the super successful social media platforms followed by Instagram. Twitter and LinkedIn which supports video marketing through paid campaigns.

With videos now you can be more specific with your target audience set so you can get quality leads and more sales, alone on the most famous video platform YouTube daily 5 billion videos are consumed followed by 2 billion daily scrolled videos on social media platform Facebook. Videos also receive more views and have a wider reach on average when compared to content marketing and creative posting.

For businesses and organisations the best video marketing option are explainer videos production.

Explainer videos help spread brand awareness and target the correct set of audience directly, this directly creates more sales and leads leading to growth of the organisation.

There are many factors which matter in a perfect explainer video production, and the thumbnails are the most important factor which plays a huge role in deciding the faith of your explainer video.

Thumbnails come in direct contact with the browsing users, thus captivating the attention of potential purchasers is the main role of your captivating Thumbnails.

Let’s discuss today of how can you make a captivating Thumbnails for your explainer video production activities.

Captivating Thumbnails Tips & Tricks

Thumbnails are the most crucial part of a video, they come in direct contact with the viewer and are responsible for the consumption of content. Let’s discuss some of the best ways to create captivate content that can help boost your video engagements.

Study Competition: Its best advised to know your competition first, the digital marketing platform is flooded with tough competition as all brands are opting for social media and search engine marketing. Knowing the Thumbnails used by your competitors can give you a significant boost in creating your own Thumbnails.

Know what you’re doing: It’s better to plan your Thumbnails strategy before you start the process. Thumbnails should be made targeting the interest of audience and knowing what would work best.  Your plans can help you create a captivating Thumbnail.

Use Texts and Styles: Your explainer video Thumbnails should contain suitable texts and styles which are suitable to your video or product or service you offer. Text should be informative with a proper font size which can be well view on while scrolling feeds.

Images and colours: Making use of attractive images behind the Thumbnails can help attract audience. Many brands use their product or brand on the Thumbnails, this makes the Thumbnails more convincing and colours help captivate audience attention.

Optimize: All social media platforms and search engines support different formats of videos and Thumbnails. You should optimize your Thumbnails according to the social media or search engine platform you desire to upload on. Make use of different Thumbnails seizes and crop them try to adjust different Thumbnails in videos which are going to be posted on different platforms.

Best type of Explainer Videos?

Well explainer videos are one of the best type of video marketing tools, explainer video production can be done by an individual freelancer video editor or by an explainer video production company.

Animated Explainer: The best form of explainer videos are the animated explainer videos, these videos consist of animations and effects. Animated explainer videos are proven to gain more reach and engagements, also the animated content in video helps grasp 95% of the audience attention This gives animated explainer videos a huge advantage over other type of explainer videos.

Pricing: animated explainer video pricing is something you’re concerned of then let’s give you a rough idea of the pricing. Well animated explainer video pricing for a 5 minute video can be anything from 10,000 USD to 15,000 USD and the average animated explainer video pricing for a 1 minute video can be from 500 USD to 700 USD.

Explainer video services are best when you acquire explainer video production services from a professional explainer video production company.

Explainer Mojo: One of the finest and leading explainer video production company in the Uk and the USA is Explainer Mojo.

Explainer mojo provides highly customised animated explainer video pricing for its clients, and creates the best possible video scripts and Thumbnails which helps businesses market their brand on the internet platform.

Explainer Mojo is an explainer video service providing company which has worked with a wide range of clients from the Europe as well. So if you’re looking forward for the best Explainer video production company in the USA, UK and Europe then Explainer Mojo is the perfect company to connect with.

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