Let’s face it, for many companies today, competition is stiff. As such, finding your unique selling point and standing out from the crowd can seem nearly impossible. 

Sometimes in an effort to stand out, a company will resort to promotional gimmicks or outrageous claims or marketing tactics that echo all too loudly in their competitors’ ears, but how can you make your business stand out among all of the others when everyone is doing so much more than they were before? 

That’s where this post comes in! 

With this guide, you’ll learn how to find a unique selling point or identify one, as well as create a great slogan that truly reflects who you are and why people should buy what you’re selling.

Start with a Positive Image for Customers

Your marketing doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. If you can focus on the positives within your company, people will perceive your company in a more positive light. The same goes for yourself. 

A good way to start is by looking at industry leaders and finding examples of successful companies. In business, it’s important to be aware of industry trends and competition – but it’s also important not to become too parochial and lose sight of the larger picture.

Improve Your Storefront

If you have a physical location, consider how you want your customers to see you. Is the front of your store ‘stuffy’, or is there a way to make it inviting to those who walk in (e.g., company photos and a guest book with names)? What about the inside of your business premises?

Most of a customer’s retail experience is made up of what they see, such as big, eye-catching  Geetee Signs out the front, a well laid out shelf display inside the store and a friendly staff member at the till. 

How these factors affect your current customers and prospective customers may be different, and you may want to experiment with different non-traditional items. 

For example, can you add some flowers to your storefront? How about adding a power word to your business name? 

Your Unique Story or What Drives Your Business

In order to stand out, you need to know what your business stands for. 

When considering the story behind your business and what drives it, it’s important to make sure that your company’s story is consistent throughout every aspect of the company: from the marketing collateral that you include with every package to the staff that you hire.

With this consistency in mind, it’s important for you to figure out if there is a key element about your product or service that makes it stand out, such as how antibiotic-resistant bacteria negatively affect our health.

How to Attract Customers

Once you’ve determined what your unique selling point is and how to again find customers through your storefront, it’s time to think about attracting people to your business. 

One way that you may be able to attract more customers is by making social media a part of your marketing strategy. 

Many companies have found success on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, where consumers are watching videos about product demonstrations, customer reviews, or making their own homemade beauty products.

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