Khanial homes Islamabad

Khanial homes Islamabad


The developers have entered the market with the goal of addressing the challenges that a middleman has in the property market. The core essential essence of this project is to provide a regular family with a living space that they have always desired at a reasonable cost. The project’s most notable feature is that it is located in the best position of Islamabad on Chakri Motorway Islamabad, providing you with easy access to the city’s most important places. You may also like to learn about the Blue World City.

I’m sure you’ll have a lot of questions about the amenities that Khanial Homes provides to its residents. So please remain on the page and read my answers to all of your inquiries. 

Map of the Area:

Khanial Homes Islamabad is located at a key location in the town, opposite to Green Oaks and very close to Capital Smart City, on Chakri Motorway Islamabad. It is within a short distance from the new Islamabad International Airport. Get the idea from Kingdom Valley Islamabad.

You would have an easier approach to New Islamabad International Airport if you arrive from Thalian and Chakri Interchange through the projected Ring Road and G.T Road towards Chakri. Because the Defence Housing Authority is so near to the project, you will have direct access to the main gate of society when passing through it.

During the construction of Khanial Homes Chakri Motorway Islamabad, Khanial Builders focused on the newest and most basic enjoyment workplaces. And now you can see how you can live in a secure zone while meeting your basic needs on a shoestring budget. From a security standpoint, Khanial Homes Chakri Motorway Islamabad is a gated community with guards on duty at all times. After being checked, you can enter or depart the Khanial Homes Chakri Motorway Islamabad boundaries. Being a member of Khanial Homes Chakri Motorway Islamabad would put you in a safe zone.

The beauty of Khanial Homes Chakri Motorway Islamabad dual the flavour of life. Islamabad is naturally a lovely piece of land in Pakistan.

Concerning Developers:

Khanial Builders are highly qualified and experienced, and as a result of these attributes, they are the market’s most dominant group. They are always working on delivering high-quality projects of all types. Their involvement in development is advantageous because, prior to architectural mapping, they examine the needs of all clients. They make certain that each consumer is treated like a VIP.

Khanial Builders’ foundation is built on 15 years of ego. They have learned a lot from clients over the last 15 years, and they are now at a point where clients fully trust Khanial Builders’ goods. Khanial Homes Chakri Motorway Islamabad is currently available from Khanial Builders.


Even money will not be able to purchase trust. Khanial Builders’ major goal is to acquire confidence by providing the best land advantages in the region while maintaining the highest moral and ethical standards.

They are acquiring the buyers’ confidence and dependability in this manner. Customers will be more enticed to purchase additional property from Khanial Builders in this manner. The contentment and dedication of your clients may be used to gauge the success of any organisation. Khanial Builders’ core protocol is to produce high-quality domestic and commercial properties with high expectations at reasonable prices while maintaining customer loyalty.

Khanial Builders is dedicated to achieving greatness in real estate development for the benefit of our clients, country, and society.

Quality Assurance Policies:

Through inventiveness, constant change, verifiable expertise, honesty, and uprightness, Khanial Builders is committed to providing the greatest land speculation opportunities that satisfy customer wants.

When the first man arrived on the scene, he felt the need for a home, so he began building one from the ground up, in the shape of a shadow cast by a sheet or clothing. However, when humans gained expertise in other areas, they began to create structures out of stone or other more useful materials.

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