Pick Capital Smart City to score solid medium-term gains

Capital Smart City

Official launch  

        There have been countless rumors making rounds in regards to when the society will officially be launched. All these rumors are baseless however as the developers of this project are yet to state the official launch date of this project. It is quite interesting to observe that due to delays being made in the official launch, realtors are being very serious about this housing scheme. 

           According to the CEO of Investate Consulting, Amie Qureshi, the details for a planned mega-merger are being finalized and will be released to the public soon enough. The legal groundwork regarding this project is taking time to set both the developers and the buyers afoot. The CEO has also refused to share further details regarding this matter and calls it the authority of the developers to disclose any official details. While the real estate market awaits this accord, realtors are on the hunt for residential or commercial plots in Capital Smart City in order to score solid profit returns on the investments they make. 

Buying trends 

         Sheraz Manzoor of the PAK Associates Company has stated that all smaller-sized residential plots have been sold out already. He stated that there is a fair amount of premium that has to be paid on these plots, particularly the plots that were booked at their launching prices. Manzoor also believes that the real estate market is ready for the project’s 1 and 2 Kanal residential plots. He says that this is because this project is on its way to becoming a well-known brand name in the real estate market throughout the country.  

           Real estate experts have also reported a spike in demand for this society’s commercial plots. As compared to what the neighboring housing projects are offering, these commercial plots are the cheapest. Realtors have stated that these plots are not only budget-friendly but also have the potential for a solid profit return. the Commercial plots are available in 4 marlas and 8 marlas, and the demand for the 4 Marla commercial plots is higher in the market.  

The Society’s Development status  

         This society is being developed at a rapid speed and the engineers working on the project are sharing developmental updates with the authorized real estate agents daily. This strategy is advantageous to the investors as they have live updates on the progress being made. Right now, the carpeting is being done in the Main Boulevard of Overseas Block along with work being done to level out the ground area for constructing the road network. 

          Moreover, to ensure the sustainability of this housing scheme, preliminary work is also being imposed side by side. The systematic progression of this mega housing society projects is very important for making a smart investment choice.    

Payment Plans 

       Currently, the developers haven’t booked a single plot on their own, however, the agents associated with this project are booking plots left and right. This housing society is divided into different blocks and the plot prices vary. The Overseas Block-1 has 5 and 10 marla residential plots starting from 9,300,000/- PKR while the Overseas Prime Block has 7, 10, and 12 Marlas along with 1 and 2 Kanal residential plots starting from 3,475,000/- PKR. 

           Capital Smart City is a trending topic among realtors and the anticipation grows with time as the official launch date is not being revealed. right now, is the best time to invest in property in this housing scheme as the demand for plots is high and the return profit on these plots will also be a solid score.  

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