The Best Smart Home Gadgets to Buy Right Now

Best Smart Home Gadgets

Today, the smart home has become incredibly accessible, with there being more affordable gadgets now than ever. From smart light bulbs to smart security systems, almost any device that is internet-connected and enables you to control it through an app is more than enough to kick start your smart home journey.

That said, before you dive in, we suggest taking a couple of preliminary steps. Firstly, don’t try to convert your home into a smart one in one go. Apart from this being extremely expensive, it’s generally better to invest in one to two smart devices to see if you really like this technology.

From there, it will be easier to figure out if it’s worth purchasing more smart devices, and also ensure that all devices are compatible with one another. We have shared some suggestions for the best smart home gadgets you should purchase.

Choose a Voice Assistant

First and foremost, you need to pick a voice assistant. There are certain smart speakers that require you to pick your choice of voice assistant. Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, both are easily compatible with many smart home devices.

Of course, there are some specific smart devices that are only compatible with either one of the two voice assistants. For instance, Nest products are definitely more compatible with Google-assistant speakers and smart screens.

Although they still can work with Amazon devices, some features might be restricted. This goes the same for Amazon products. In other words, voice assistants work much better if they’re benign used in the same ecosystem.

And, how about Siri? Apple’s Siri is also an option, but in all honesty, it is neither as user-friendly nor compatible as Amazon and Google. 

Sonos One

If you’re looking for the best smart speakers, then you should consider the Sonos One. It’s not only compact in size but delivers an impeccable audio quality that’s much better than its competitors out there.

If you were to tune it properly according to your room’s acoustics, which needs to be den via the iOS app, the audio quality will be fanatics, with clear highs and punchy bass. However, unlike the iOS app, the Android app, unfortunately, does not have TruePlay tuning, but the speakers still produce an amazing sound quality.

Moreover, it also has a multi-room audio setup feature. In fact, if you plan on building a home theater, you can integrate the speaker with Sonos soundbars.

Amazon Echo

If you’re on a tighter budget, there are a few smart speakers that cost around $100. We suggest picking either Google, Amazon, or Apple’s latest smart speakers. When compared, the Echo offers the best audio quality.

However, even the Nest Audio and HomePod Mini are good options to consider. At the end of it, it all depends on the voice assistant you prefer.

Echo Show 8

Smart screen displays are also one of the best smart gadgets you can consider. The Echo Show 8, is sized perfectly for most types of rooms. Similar to other Alexa-powered smart displays, the Echo Show 8 also supports several video streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu, alongside built-in browsers.

However, it doesn’t support YouTube, which is a major drawback considering how reliant everyone’s on the service today. You can still access it through the browsers. Moreover, you can also the Echo Show 8 for video calls.

The Echo Show 8 also supports Skype and Zoom and has an optional face-tracking feature.

Nest Hub (2nd Gen)

The best Google-powered smart display has got to be the Nest Hub (2nd Gen). It has a 7-inch display screen, making it a nice size to fit in most rooms. It can also us used as a digital photo frame. You can easily pull pictures from your Google Photos library.

In fact, it has a smart algorithm that uses the best pictures and avoids using blurry ones. Moreover, you can also watch Netflix, YouTube, and other streaming services on the Nest Hub (2nd Gen).

A smart display that has no cameras is perfect, as you can place it in an intimate place, such as your bedroom, where you prefer some privacy. It also has a sensor that tracks your sleeping patterns.

However, if you prefer a smart screen with a smart display, you can purchase the Nest Hub Max, but do take note that it’s more expensive as compared to the Nest Hub.


To summarize, smart home technology is commendable when you want a more convenient daily life. You can purchase the above smart devices from FirstEnergy at amazing rates. We hope you now know why smart technology is growing rapidly.

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