Tips For Finding Your Next Restaurant Job

Tips For Finding Your Next Restaurant Job

Sarah Overmyer manages Indeed’s food & beverage segment. She pointed to Indeed’s Career Explorer tool, which allows job seekers to learn roles and responsibilities that come with different job titles, compare openings between cities, and get answers to career questions. The Career Explorer tool will help you understand what a Kitchen Team member does. You can always visit Job Search in the UK and find awesome jobs. Read about Tips For Finding Your Next Restaurant Job below.

Refresh your resume. 

Even people with no hospitality experience can make a strong resume. You can include volunteer work, customer service examples, teamwork, gig work and achievements. This will make you stand out and highlight your transferable skills. Overmyer encouraged viewers to make a resume on Indeed so that employers can search for you. Employers respond four times faster to job seekers who have an Indeed resume than those who don’t. ** The site allows users to search specific resumes in the food and beverage industry to find examples. They can also filter their searches by location, salary, job type, and location.

Build your network and reach out to others. 

“It’s who I know” is the best way to find a job in restaurants. Lingle noted that even if they are not from the same industry, a referral can be a great way to build trust with potential employers. Swigert said, “If I know someone who works in a restaurant that you are interested in, I can almost guarantee that they are hiring.”

Be friendly and open-minded. 

Garcia stressed that the best way to succeed in the restaurant business is to be polite. Everyone in the industry knows everyone. It’s important to be kind to everyone in this industry.

Research companies to ensure a good match. 

Lingle stated that Matthew Kenney Cuisine is a plant based restaurant and does not hire vegetarians. You should also look at the person you are interviewing and find connections and conversation starters.

Experience the complete dining experience. 

Before you interview, go to the restaurant and try it out. Is the staff happy there? Are there many diners? What are the attitudes and behaviors of other diners? You can get a sense of the culture and decide if you will fit in. You can also share your personal experiences during an interview to demonstrate your enthusiasm and attention for detail.

You can follow up online and in person. Make yourself stand out by meeting the manager in person and bringing along a hard copy of both your resume and application. You can call ahead to arrange a time. To ensure your resume remains at the top of the virtual pile, follow up by email.

Showcase your skills and personality over your technical knowledge. Lingle suggested that you remember that employers are more interested in your personality than the details of the job. Dress professionally and show up on time. Dress professionally and pay attention to what servers and managers wear. Good eye contact and body language are important. Even if you have a digital copy, always bring a printed copy of your resume.

Do not obsess about job requirements. 

With the right attitude, you might still be offered a position with a company that will allow you to grow. Ex-owners may be concerned that they are not qualified enough to hold a position as a general manager. Wagner stated that applicants can be attractive to companies by sharing their successes and failures, as well as how they learned and grew.

Be prepared for intelligent questions. 

These are the questions that every restaurant job seeker must be prepared to answer. First, tell me about yourself. You will be distinguished by a clear description of who you are, what interests you, and where your future goals lie. What is it that you love about working at this restaurant? What are you most passionate about? What would you do as a manager or server to fix a bad restaurant experience? Wagner then asks interviewees if they are able to see the menu and sell a dish.

Be prepared to ask questions and show that you have done your research about the company. Ask how the company promotes and hires. This will help you decide if the company is a good fit for you. You will also show your enthusiasm to learn within the company.

Communicate your value. Wagner said, “Let people know your worth and what it is you are looking to do.” Demonstrate to them that your attention to detail is second to none.

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