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Voquent has access to the world’s greatest global database of professional voice-over talent. Voquent gives unique power to boost and accelerate audience engagement throughout the world by offering digital audio-video localization services across over 608 languages and 1,750 distinct dialects.

Voquent.com provides a wide range of services in addition to their core voice-over casting and production services. It can help with subtitling, sign solutions, audio editing, and translations at every stage of the creative process. To further our aim of accessibility and inclusiveness, each service is offered in a variety of languages.

Voquent makes casting as simple as it gets. Filter for your preferred requirements that match your project using our exclusive search engine. Some of our most popular criteria include language, accent, region, and tone.

You can look around and listen to our fantastic voice-over talent from here. Play samples and listen to what our talent is capable of; if you find certain persons you like, put them on your shortlist.

Tell us about your project next, and we’ll start working with you to tailor your Voquent journey to your preferences.

Various thousands of enterprises utilize the Voquent platform every month to assess and locate appropriate voice talent for communicating and broadcasting to multi-national audiences along with specific regions and locales. Many of the world’s largest and most renowned firms and organizations are among Voquent’s clients and users on a global scale. Apple, AstraZeneca, Adidas, Adobe, Amazon, Atos, Bayer, BBC, The Body Shop, Cisco, Coca-Cola, Fitbit, GE, Google, HSBC, ITN, Johnson & Johnson, KPMG, Lego, L’Oreal, NBC Universal, NHS, Nike, Pepsi, Prudential, Qatar Airways, Redbull, Saatchi & Saatchi, Scottish Power, Sony, Standard Chartered, The Hut Group, The The Voquent platform benefits producers, directors, marketing executives, localization specialists, and creatives from Fortune 500 companies, banks, government institutions, technology providers, healthcare organizations, digital marketing agencies, gaming companies, translation companies, and a wide range of private companies.

Capability and expertise

In every language and accent, Voquent supplies approved authentic native-speaking voice acting pros. They are committed to providing unrivaled choice by measuring more voice qualities than anybody else on the planet, including languages and regional accents, as well as styles, mediums, genres, and tones.

Effortless casting

Voquent replaces lengthy showreel compilations with short separate demonstrations in one style and tone to make casting voice actors or narrators a pleasant and creative process.

Accountability and integrity

Voquent treats each of our customers’ unique difficulties as if they were our own, and we cultivate a professional network of audiovisual specialists and talent. Everyone is appreciated and respected.

For everyone

In our objective to make your material accessible to all individuals, regardless of creed or background, Voquent welcomes disabled, foreign, and minority audiences. You can get translations, captions, subtitling, audio description, and even sign language answers.


At a low cost, Voquent creates market-leading audio, video, and voice-over content. Nothing is more essential to us than delivering high-quality results on schedule, whether it’s a small recording or a large, multi-lingual project.

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