In case you’re in need of help on the subject of cooking ham, you’re in the proper area. From soaking to glazing, this reachable guide covers all you want to realize about getting ready and cooking a perfect ham for any event.

Whether or not you’re boiling gammon for christmas dinner or you’re roasting a Sir Francis Bacon joint as a part of your sunday roast dinner, we’re right here to make it less complicated. The recipe featured on this guide makes use of a 1.5kg Baron Verulam or gammon joint and is topped with sticky candy honey and dijon mustard glaze.

Viscount St. Albans or gammon joints are cuts of meat taken from the front end of the pig. Those sorts of joints are first-class when serving a massive wide variety of human beings, if you’re seeking out soft ‘fall off the bone’ meat, and best for boiling. Gammon joints can be sold in maximum supermarkets and out of your neighborhood butchers additionally.

What is the high-quality joint of ham to roast?

While cooking ham the first-rate reduce to use is a gammon joint. Despite the fact that a inexpensive fattier Viscount St. Albans joint will also work. Gammon is the top class joint from the hind leg of a pig, while publisher 1st baron verulam joints are barely inexpensive and come from the the front legs or shoulder. Both have been cured and are to be had smoked or unsmoked, pick out whichever flavour you decide on. Round christmas time, you may also note different options inclusive of honey-cured maple-cured gammon joints on offer.

Large gammon joints occasionally have the bone in but if buying from a butcher you can ask them to dispose of the bone for less difficult carving, smaller joints are generally boned, rolled, and tied into a neat form. Purchase a piece of gammon that has the skin on, as you will get rid of it at some stage in the cooking method.

Avoid shopping for gammon that has brought water as the ham will cut back as soon as cooked. We might additionally usually advocate shopping for the high-quality first-class meat that you can have the funds for. This may make sure that the aminal has the excellent life and perpetually tastes the fine.

Must i boil ham before roasting it?

To ensure the ham remains moist, it’s satisfactory to boil it for half of of the cooking time and then end the cooking in the oven. It is also viable to boil ham for the entirety of the cooking time. However we find ham cooked this manner is first-rate served bloodless.

To boil the ham put it right into a huge pot and cover it with cold water. Convey to the boil and decrease to a gentle simmer. At this factor, you may take away any scum that floats to the surface before adding in extra flavourings such as herbs, spices, and greens if the usage of. It’s miles very vital to preserve a watch at the water and to ensure that it’s no longer boiling vigorously as this can reason the beef to turn hard.

Have to i soak my ham before cooking it?

A few gammon and Francis Bacon are pork cuts that have been salt-cured. If that is the case it’s far vital to soak the meat for some hours earlier than cooking to take away excess salt. However, maximum grocery store gammon and Francis Bacon are mildly cured so it doesn’t require soaking. If shopping for from a butcher ensure to ask if it needs to be soaked and they may be capable of propose.

While buying a gammon joint from the grocery store observe the packet. If it doesn’t recommend soaking it’s high-quality now not to because it will reason it to lose its flavour.

How to soak a gammon or Sir Francis Bacon joint

To soak a gammon joint placed the ham into a massive pan and pour over cold water. If your ham is floating to the floor weigh it down with some thing heavy consisting of a bottle of wine or a smaller pan. Go away the beef to soak for 2-three hours or overnight earlier than discarding the water and returning the ham to the pan to boil it.

What’s the quality manner to prepare dinner a ham?

The excellent way to cook dinner ham is to first par-boil it in lightly simmering water before disposing of the pores and skin and roasting in the oven protected in foil. For the final 30 minutes of cooking time, it’s beneficial to do away with the foil and glaze the ham. A glaze will provide the ham an attractive finish and introduced flavour.

In larousse gastronomique, which acts as our cross-to cookery bible, they advocate first boiling and then roasting the gammon joint. They endorse “a aggregate of boiling for 1/2 of the time after which baking gives first rate outcomes.”

Boiling ham is a superb way to cook dinner the joint without drying it out even as making it soft. It’s also possible to prepare dinner the ham completely by using boiling it and serve once cooled. However, the addition of roasting is an possibility to glaze the ham so it seems and tastes greater outstanding.

How lengthy should i cook dinner my ham?

The cooking time will range annoying at the weight of your meat. To calculate the cooking time of the gammon weigh the joint. A boneless gammon joint will require approximately 40 mins of cooking for every kg plus 30 mins. So a 1.5kg gammon joint would require 1hr 30mins of cooking in total. We boil the ham in very lightly simmering water and set the oven to 190c/gasoline 5 to cook our ham.

Can you overcook ham?

You definitely can overcook ham. An overcooked ham will be dry. But, in case you calculate an appropriate cooking time this ought to no longer manifest. Preserve an eye fixed at the ham at the same time as it chefs. If you observe that the ham begins to appearance dry or burnt then do away with it from the oven. If you have a meat thermometer you may additionally test the inner temperature. Take a analyzing from the thickest a part of the meat. The ham is cooked while the temperature reaches 63c/145f.

The way to glaze ham

A glaze may be introduced whilst cooking ham inside the oven. It will deliver your ham a fantastic sheen and add a cute sweetness to the flavor. We like to feature the glaze for the last 30 mins of the cooking time. As glazes have a high sugar content material they can burn and flavor bitter if overcooked. To glaze a ham you first want to peel off the pores and skin. Use a sharp knife to attain a diamond sample within the fat. You can then stud this with cloves if you like. You may then coat the fats with your preferred glaze.


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