Horoscope matching is done on the basis of the stars and zodiac signs of the bride and groom. The Kundli Milan score must be between 18 and 24 for a peaceful marital life. 

All You Wanted To Know About Horoscope Matching

According to Hindu tradition, marriage is recommended only following the Kundli matching or horoscope matching custom.

Kundli Milan or Kundli matching is done so that the groom and bride live a harmonious and peaceful marital life. As per Vedic astrology, it is suggested to consider this horoscope matching system at the time of marriage. Kundli is comprised of 8 categories that are called Koots. Sequentially they comprise 36 Guns that need to be matched among the spouses.

There is another name for Kundli Milan or horoscope matching, which is called Ashta Koota Milan.

What Is The Most Vital Aspect Of Horoscope Matching?

The placement of the moon in the horoscope of both spouses is viewed as the most vital aspect of horoscope matching. According to Ashta Koota Milan, the 36 guns there are compared among the Kundlis of both individuals. The more the number of compatible stuffs, the happier will be the married life. If all the 36 guns of both spouses are matched, it is considered the perfect match.

Various Aspects of Kundli Milan

In Vedic astrology, there are 8 categories under the Kundli matching system. In every category, thorough guidelines are mentioned for matching the Kundlis of the spouses. For every compatibility aspect, scores are listed down. The scores cited under every category are combined to get the concluding scores. Below we’ve mentioned various categories of Kundli Milan for marriages:

1.      Yoni

Yoni Koot comprises 14 categorizations, counting dog, cow, monkey, elephant, tiger, horse, rat, sheep, buffalo, mongoose, snake, lion, rat, and hare/deer. If both the spouses are from the category of a similar animal, then the score is 4. In the case of enemy animals, neutral animals, friendly animals, and non-friendly animals, the scores will be 0 points, 2 points, 3 points, and 1 point, respectively.

2.      Nadi

Nadi Koot is associated with the wellness and DNAs of the spouses. Kappa, Vata, and Pitta are the 3 Nadis. If the Nadis of both spouses are similar, then no points are granted. In the case of different Nadis, 8 points are granted.

3.      Vashya

This is the power of equivalence among the spouses. Keet (insects), Vanchar (wild animals), Jalchar (water animals), Chatushpad (small animals), and humans are the 5 kinds of classifications of humans on the basis of Vashya. If both the spouses are from a similar Vashya, then the score is 2 points. If they are from different Vashya, then the score is 0.

4.      Gana

Gana matches the natures of the bride and the groom. Manav, Deva, and Rakshasas are the 3 Ganas. If the bride and the groom are from the same Gana, then the score will be 8 points. In the case of Rakshasa and Deva, 1 point is given, and in the case of Rakshasa and Manav, no points are given.

5.      Rashyadipati

Rashyadipati matches the Rashi compatibility. Friends, neutral or enemies are the lords of the zodiac houses. In the case of friendly zodiacs, the score will be 5 points. In the case of a friend and a neutral, the score will be 4 points. For enemies, there are no points given.

6.      Varna or Jati

On the grounds of the horoscope, the ego part of any person is classified into 4 Varnas (Brahamana, Kshatriya, Vaishya, and Shudra). To get a good score, the Varna of the groom should be 1 point more than the bride’s Varna.

7.       Tara

In astrology, there are 27 birth stars or “Taras.”The bride’s birth star is counted from the groom’s star, and the subsequent number is split by 9. Similarly, a score is attained for the groom. In the case of an even remainder of both spouses, the score will be 3 points. In case of odd remainders, the score will be 0 points.

8.      Rashi

Rashi is associated with love and calculations based on the placement of the moon in the Kundlis of both spouses. If the position of the groom’s moon is either 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 from that of the bride, then it is considered a poor match. On the other hand, moon’s positions 12 and 7 are considered a good match.  

Is Love Marriage Better Than Arrange Marriage As Per DOB?

Marriage is not only a relationship between two individuals but also two horoscopes. Among love and arranged marriage, which one is better relies on how compatible both horoscopes are as per the birth info.

If both have a collectively good horoscope, then there will be no issue in first falling in love and then getting hitched. However, if one has a typically harsh horoscope towards marriage, and the other doesn’t have counter-balancing energy, it can bring negativity in the lives of both individuals if they marry without comparing the horoscope.

Final Words

Want to know more about Kundli or horoscope matching? Then you must go online and ask astrologer for the best professional advice.

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