The Best of Both Worlds: A Canal Dhow Cruise

The Best of Both Worlds: A Canal Dhow Cruise

Dubai’s latest attraction in tourism, the cruise, lets you experience both the old and the new Dubai on one trip. Dhow Cruise A dhow cruise consists of the views of the famous recent tallest buildings ever all around it. On the Other hand, the famous festivals and the colorful waterfalls add more charm to this Dubai attraction. In short, a perfect way to spend an afternoon or evening when you visit Dubai, UAE or live here already.

Top 5 reasons why you should choose the canal dhow cruise

As you are planning your next holiday or tour, please don’t miss out on one of Oman’s most famous historical traditional water taxis known as a Dhow cruise. Dhow cruises offer tourist attractions that cannot be experienced by any other means, for example-Enjoy amazing views of Muscat, Mutrah city and many other historical towns. See colorful and historic mosques and ancient forts that line its coastal strip all around it.

What’s included in canal dhow cruises

The tours are fun and relaxing, giving tourists a chance to see Dubai’s key sights on water, including man-made islands like Palm Jumeirah. Travelers can also take in views of landmarks like Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa and Jumeirah Mosque as they glide past on board. Afterward, travelers will be served an Arabic buffet dinner at one of Dubai’s most luxurious dhow boats.

How to book your own canal dhow cruise?

Getting your own canal dhow cruise is easy. The first step is to contact a local tour operator and find out what options are available in your area. Because each tour is different, you’ll need to know a little about what you’re looking for before you speak with them (i.e., how many people will be on board, how long you’d like to cruise, etc.). Once that’s been decided, it’s time to start booking!

Tips for taking your own pictures while on a cruise

While we can’t take you along on your next trip, here are a few tips that will help make sure your cruise photos are just as good as any professional photographer’s. After all, they don’t call cruises vacation of a lifetime for nothing.

Dubai Mall Waterfall

There’s no shortage of amazing scenery in Dubai. Take a trip to one of the city’s most famous landmarks, Marina Dhow Cruise The Dubai Mall, and you’ll find that it has quite a few surprises up its sleeve.

Floating Restaurant in Dubai Marina

Nothing compares to a canal dhow cruise. Guests will be treated to a fantastic view of Dubai Marina’s high-rise buildings and enjoy top-notch cuisine prepared by our very own professional chefs. On a few cruises, we’ll even sail past Atlantis, The Palm and visit one of Dubai Marina’s amazing beaches.

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