<strong>3 Reasons Why Your Website Needs Marketing </strong>

Today’s marketplace for goods and services is truly global, and customers expect to be able to buy your products quickly and easily via your website. We live in a world where web presence and high traffic are key components to any successful business whether it is dedicated to eCommerce or not. Your website can be lost in a sea of competitors if it does not rank highly in google searches. One of the most important facets of your website is simply for customers to be aware of its existence in the beginning. Therefore, marketing should be a key component of every successful website and in this article three key tips are explored.

1. Optimisation is key

Every modern website needs to provide a slick and pleasant experience when potential customers navigate it. Pages need to load quickly to keep customers engaged and content needs to be both entertaining and insightful. In short, your website needs to project a professional image that appeals to its target audiences and be user friendly. If you sit under pages and pages of web results your website will not get the traffic it deserves, no matter how professional it is. By using a diverse range of SEO techniques, you can ensure that your pages are optimized for your target markets, and you begin to rise the google rankings. Here are some of the top SEO techniques explained in detail that will allow your web presence and customer base to grow.

2. Building backlinks

Backlinks can be defined as links to your company’s website that are placed on other web pages. They are a key facet of attracting increased web traffic. The Google search engine tends to put higher importance on a website that has many other sites linking into it and as such it can become a key component in climbing up search engine ranking pages. However, there are some key factors to consider when planning your backlink marketing strategy. Firstly, the website you are backlinking from must be in a similar business context to your own. Google does not look kindly on backlinks from websites that have little relevance to your own and can penalize websites that are flooded with backlinks from other sites that have little relevance to them. In addition, it is of little value  to backlink from sites with low authority that are weak.

3. Regular customer engagement

In an online world of millions of websites, your company’s site needs to provide an engaging and informative experience for customers to visit. Effective website marketing is designed to attract, engage and convert visitors into paying customers. Imagine your website as the key focal point for your customer base and it soon becomes apparent that these pages must function as electronic brand ambassadors for your organization. To generate repeat custom, it is important to gain customers email addresses that then can be used to direct market new promotions or offers. These can be more effective than blogs which may not always be read by your customer base. By promoting links to your product pages on social media you can also extend the reach of your customer engagement activities and ensure a regular flow of traffic to your website. Regular multi-channel communications with relevant insights and promotions are key to maintaining an engaged customer base.

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