If you are adept at home improvement and DIY in general, the chances are your home will have seen numerous upgrades and modifications. Over time, homeowners tend to upgrade key rooms, such as the kitchen, bathroom, living room and master bedroom, giving them new leases of life with the latest colour schemes and design touches. If this situation sounds like your home, then you may be wondering what to do next to add style and value to your home. Whilst we tend to focus on key rooms and bigger projects, it can be quite easy to overlook the smaller finishing touches that give those important final bits of design flair to your home. Here are just three key finishing touches you may consider when completing key areas in and around the house. 

For the garden

If you have spent the spring months planting and landscaping your green spaces, then you will now be benefiting from bursts of colour as your summer plants begin to bloom. Perhaps you have even gone the extra mile and installed decking to extend your living spaces into the garden area. With key design and functionality aspects taken care of in the garden, one often-overlooked design component is the garden gates. For some, old and faded garden gates can have a touch of rustic charm, and therefore, they are not high on the list of upgrades. However, nearly every garden will get aesthetically pleasing results from the installation of modern composite garden gates. Constructed from materials that make them exceptionally resistant to the elements, they will look beautiful and stay functional for many years to come. Such gates can effectively add a perfect finishing touch to any well-kept garden. 

For the bathroom

For homeowners who love to upgrade their living spaces, the bathroom is a key area for improvement. You may have been inspired to upgrade your bathroom to transform it into a haven of relaxation and tranquillity, giving it a home spa feel. Perhaps you added water jets for your shower and/or bath and installed unique storage arrangements for your beauty and hygiene products. With the addition of a voice-activated speaker system, you may already be benefiting from relaxing music as you take a long soak in the tub after a gruelling day at work. If the overall theme and functionally of this space are exactly how you want it, but the bathroom just needs a few final additions, why not consider adding a range of indoor plants to this space? Many indoor plants thrive in the warm and moist conditions of a bathroom, and here are some of the best plants to consider that will promote tranquillity and give natural final touches to this room.

The master bedroom

The master bedroom is another often-upgraded space in most homes and is likely to stay with current trends in colour schemes and design touches as times change. One often-overlooked finishing touch for the master bedroom is to take out the old headboard from your bed and replace it with a unique headboard. This really can give the whole room a lift, and there is a vast variety of well-designed examples to choose from. Here are some of the best for 2022 that feature eye-catching designs to improve any master bedroom. 

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