Back in the early days of the internet creating a website was a hassle. From independent coding to near-endless bug fixing early web development was mired in various constraints. But when WordPress came about it revolutionalized web development. With its easy-to-use website creator, anyone could build a website.  And considering how versatile WordPress is you can adapt it to suit your niche in no time. You can do this by integrating plugins that range from simple aesthetic changes to major security and design overhauls. From simple blogs to fancy e-commerce websites, using plugins for WordPress can benefit anyone. And to help you start your WordPress site here are the best WordPress plugins in 2022.

  1. WP Force SSL

Before we even start thinking about what the overall design of the website will look like, we need to take care of the website SSL. And there’s no better SSL plugin for WordPress than WP Force SSL. With it, you can secure your SSL certificate. This is immensely important as SSL certificates provide you with secure encryptions for your website. Without them, websites lose credibility and their rankings in search engines. So as a consequence you’re risking your website’s SEO which is a tremendous mistake. WP Force SSL also provides you with a content scanner that goes through your website checking it has no mixed content errors. This content scanner can perform its task in minutes ensuring optimal time usage.

  1. WP 301 Redirect

One of the most important aspects of website management is keeping the website traffic up. Loss of traffic can cripple websites that rely on a constant stream of new visitors. WP 301 Redirect ensures all your old links are redirected to new and updated content. By using WP 301 Redirect you make sure visitors are directed to their desired websites. No more will URL typos lose you traffic. And by scanning the links of your website WP 301 Redirect promptly alerts you to any possible dead links your website might harbor. With built-in infographics, you can keep track of website traffic in real-time.

  1. WP Reset

Mistakes happen in web development, that’s just the nature of the job and there’s no shame in it. But it’s important to have a safeguarding tool to make sure your mistakes aren’t permanent. WP Reset is the perfect plugin for that job. With its automatic snapshots, you can revert your changes in a single click, saving you precious time for fixing potential issues. Speaking of saving time WP Reset has this handy feature of bulk plugin download, that makes installing new plugins a breeze. All you have to do is group your desired plugins and themes into collections and you can install them in one click. And if everything goes wrong WP Reset offers the nuclear reset option that wipes the entire website. It just might be the fresh start you need to fix your website.

  1. WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping 

Shipping online products can be quite an ordeal, but with WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping you can create advanced shipping rulesets. These rulesets can change depending on the customer’s distance, country, logged-in status and so much more. By creating shipping classes you separate your customer base into fair sections whose shipping costs are proportional to their distance. And if you need to compare your shipping methods you can always import and export your settings as spreadsheets for optimal analyzation

These plugins may seem superfluous at the first glance, but they are essential to any website that wants to grow and succeed. So make sure you utilize these plugins as much as you can, as they’ll help you get your WordPress website to the next level. Find out all you want to know about backlinks and more by reading How to Get More Backlinks.

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