How to choose a picture by numbers?

picture by numbers

How to choose a picture by numbers?

Creating attractive images becomes possible if you have free time and the desire to draw, and ready-made templates of paintings by numbers for adults will help us in this.

When choosing, you need to pay attention to the following main parameters:

1. The basis for drawing.

The most common and convenient is cardboard, on which it is convenient to draw, it is not at risk of spreading the applied paints. Canvas is a more professional template, due to its porous surface, it requires special skills to work with it. Paintings on wood look unusual and attractive, allowing you to create impressive and massive canvases, but working with wood requires more attention when applying a coloring layer.

2. Difficulty level

Paintings can be the simplest, consisting of individual large elements, as well as complex canvases with many small details.

A simple level does not require the use of special skill and consists of large areas for uniform painting. The average level assumes a moderate load on the artist, but requires higher qualifications. The difficult level is associated with the presence of considerable perseverance, endurance and patience and is associated with careful elaboration of small details. Any incorrect movement of the brush will require repainting the finished area with the desired color due to the small size of the cells. Complex canvases of painting by numbers for adults are difficult for visually impaired people to paint, and they require more concentration of attention and effort.

3. Types of paints and their packaging

If you are thinking about which picture to choose by numbers, pay attention to the method of packaging paints. Acrylic paints can be presented in a set in the form of jars and tubes. The jars are more convenient, but allow the paints to dry out, so try to screw the lid on quickly after use. Tubes are more economical, but they are not so convenient to use because of their specific shape and the need to calculate the pressing force.

Tips for choosing a picture by numbers

Obviously, for beginners, uncomplicated plots and large areas for uniform coloring at a simple level are more suitable. Complex multi-layered canvases with many small traced details can be painted by a pre-trained amateur artist.

It is better to start coloring from the upper left corner and then move towards the lower right so that the paint does not mix in the creative process. Coloring is done first with light paint in order to correct the situation in case of any errors by applying dark shades that are more noticeable on the canvas.

An exciting activity in the form of coloring pictures by numbers will allow you to fully realize your creative abilities, develop skills and artistic taste, have a fun time and get a picturesque masterpiece made by yourself as a result.

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