In the modern market, there are a lot of businesses for each niche. This means that if you want to open a company that is in a similar vein as many others, you will need to really step up and explore how you can make your business stand out.

In the world of printing businesses, this can be even tougher. There are thousands of printing businesses online, which can offer 24-hour delivery on photographs uploaded from smartphones, printing posters for conferences or even printing books. So, how can you truly make your printing business stand out amongst your competitors?

In this guide, we’ll introduce you to some promotion and marketing tips that you can use to attract customers to your printing business. 


Of course, the first way to begin captivating new customers, and promote your printing services, is with some good old-fashioned advertising.

Take great care in the design of any adverts you put out, as you are a printing company, and have the tools available to make a striking business card, poster or banner. If advertisement and marketing are not your forte, hire a team to oversee this area for you.  It is also worth noting, that most marketing teams in 2022, will advise business owners to consider looking into SEO (search engine optimisation). So, look around and consider all your options when creating any promotional content. 

Improve Your Storefront

This only applies if you are operating out of retail premises, like a store in a mall. You will be amazed at what neatening up your storefront can do to attract customers! If you run an online printing business, try to visualise your website as a storefront. This can be a bit more of a daunting task, so don’t feel put off about asking a marketing team to help you makeover your website to be as appealing to customers as possible. 

Identify Your Selling Point

As mentioned earlier, there are many printing businesses in malls and online, so what makes yours any different? Can you offer your customers larger prints for lower prices? Or do you have access to a wider range of printers, which can be used to print different image quality from your competitors? Whatever it is that lets you stand out, make it the key area of any advertising campaign that you oversee. 

Social Media

This is tied very closely to marketing. Having a social media presence, can be a boon for any business. It allows you to gain access to a wider demographic of potential customers, and if you operate your store entirely online, you don’t have to worry about local searches to attract customers in a set mile radius. Why not look into worldwide shipping options? These can be promoted via social media, and will allow you to offer your services to anyone on social media who clicks on the link to your business homepage. Also, worldwide shipping is a great way to not only attract customers, but also retain them if they need printing services in the future.

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